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Official Rules

  • You must use one of our beats to be eligible for this contest.

  • You can use more than 1 of our beats but your entry has to be under 3:45 minutes.

  • You must have a valid PayPal Transaction ID. (You will receive a PayPal transaction ID when you buy a beat)

  • You may not enter the contest if you currently work for, or have ever worked for Midi Godz.

  • Winner Announcement: February 28th at 3:00PM PST 

Deadline to download Beats (dec 24th, 2019)

Deadline to enter contest (Feb 14th, 2020)


Be Creative... 


We are looking for the top 10 rappers. That's 10 chances to win ! Be creative, as we are looking for talent not popularity. Whether your submission gets 5 views or 5,000 views we don't care. We are looking for talent and creativity. EVERY entry will be listened to multiple times to make sure everyone gets a fair ear. Have fun and be creative !


Do I have to shoot a Video ?

No, you can use your phone to record yourself rapping or you can shoot a full music video. Either one is ok, just be creative. 

Multiple entries ?

Yes, you may enter multiple times. Each entry must be under 3:45.

Can I alter the beat ?

Yes, you may alter the beat or beats however you see fit. (Drops, Speed, Chops)

Can I use the beats for albums?

Yes, you may use the beats for albums, mixtapes, singles, ect. You don't have to enter the contest to buy beats. 

Contest end?

Winners will be announced on February 28th, 2020.

cash Prizes

1st  Place - $1,500

2nd Place - $500

3rd  Place - $250

4th  Place - $150

5th  Place - $1001

6th  Place - $1001

7th  Place - $1001

8th  Place - $1001

9th  Place - $1001

10th Place - $1001

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