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Official Rules

  • You must use sounds from the “Midi Godz - V1” kit to be eligible for this contest.

  • You can add other sounds to your beat as long as you use sounds from the “Midi Godz - V1” kit as well.

  • You must have a valid PayPal Transaction ID. (You will receive a PayPal transaction ID when you buy the “Midi Godz - V1” kit. )

  • No illegal/uncleared samples may be used in your entry.

  • You may not enter the contest if you currently work for, or have ever worked for Midi Godz.

  • Winner Announcement: January 28th at 3:00PM PST

Be Creative... 


We are looking for the top 10 producers. That's 10 chances to win ! Be creative, as we are looking for talent not popularity. Wheather your submission gets 5 views or 5,000 views we don't care. We are looking for talent and creativity. EVERY entry will be listened to multiple times to make sure everyone gets a fair ear. Have fun and be creative !

cash Prizes

1st  Place - $1,500

2nd Place - $500

3rd  Place - $250

4th  Place - $150

5th  Place - $1001

6th  Place - $1001

7th  Place - $1001

8th  Place - $1001

9th  Place - $1001

10th Place - $1001

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